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You're just going to end up being more selective. Indicate whether you think it is best for Tanglewood to focus more on acquiring talent internally or externally, and why?

Proposing an Alternative to the Current System Based on negative feedback from managers, a corporate committee determined that an ideal solution would require an organization-wide shift to a more detailed selection system. In order to be able to outsource, Tanglewood would need to explain to the hiring firm their human resource needs in order for the company to find the perfect person for this position.

The current top administrator for this area, Steven McDougal, has a reputation for being a technocrat, and has largely worked to maintain the system he inherited when he first took over five years ago.

Complete data on the recruiting yields for the four divisions is contained in Appendix B. Unlike media advertisements and internet applications which are limited by the speed of internet connections and the fact that not all potential applicants have ready internet accessthe kiosks provide opportunities for applicants to watch short videos explaining what the job entails.

Overall, Tanglewood wants to centralize human resource and expand in the northwest and the organizations needs to make some key changes. This will decrease payroll and operational costs. This process is accessible through either the internet or an automated telephone application process.

The firm beliefs in the essentiality of core workforce to its values and corporate culture that they seek to establish and maintain. A vice-president of Human Resources who is charged with the mandate to oversee training and development, staffing services, employee relations, and compensation and benefits heads the corporate level.

The purpose of the report is to help the company establish the appropriate strategic staffing decisions that help the organization Identification of business strategy or goals Tanglewood's strategy as per Porter's generic strategies is based on differentiation.

This is paramount to ensure the continued survival of the company to facilitate the necessary transition required to develop and sustain the organizational culture of Tanglewood. Therefore the company should engage in a long-term focus or staffing in order to be successful.

In this case, you should determine what you want to measure by analyzing KSAOs from the job description and the information on organizational culture in the case, and fitting the selection measures into the plan format as shown in Exhibit 8.

The basic procedure is also outlined using Exhibit 2. All of the materials described in this section are presented in Appendix C. Her research generally supports the appearance of gender-based homophily, but the research is less specific with regards to the subject of race.

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This is the major reason why the company should focus on a core workforce rather than a flexible workforce. New selectors being evaluated are the retail market knowledge exam, Marshfield customer service biodata questionnaire and essay, Marshfield applicant exam, and personality exam.

In practice, then, the only useful information Tanglewood obtains from the application blank is the number of years of work experience a person has and the highest degree they have completed.

This division has also Tanglewood specific ksaos staffing agencies lately. Since its formation, Tanglewood has been emphasizing on employee participation and teamwork. On the other hand, Tanglewood can use targeted recruitment for high management positions that might require specific KSAOs, so the job can be developed.

You should consult the organizational structure information in the introduction 4. As part of the consolidation across stores, Tanglewood is now encouraging a systematic review of their recruiting policies that will ultimately result in a better recruiting system for store associates.

Later on, when a well spelled, strategy has been put in place; the company may make a move to expand its operations to other countries. The greatest selection system in the world is not effective if it scares the best applicants away. This staffing option is not recommended for Tanglewood, because there is no focus on the person being matched with the organization.

Also since the organization's employees have a culture of working as a family, it will be important for the organization to match the person to the organization in order to keep this culture among its employees. Based on the three previous portions of the assignment, develop an official guide to selection that can be supplied to all the stores.Specific KSAOs would be more applicable for any promotions/upper level positions.

Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality The Law of Large Numbers states that hiring a lot of acceptable workers will result in obtaining a good number of exceptional.5/5(2).

KSAOs for this position. Determine what you want to measure by analyzing KSAOs from the job description (Appendix A) and information on organizational culture in the case, and fitting selection measures into the plan format as shown in Exhibit in the text.

The job may require x% travel, which might eliminate one of the candidates, etc. Essentially, hiring the female simply based on the demographics would discriminate against the other candidates and therefore, is illegal (Federal Laws, ).

Specific or General KSAOs. General knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) are more beneficial to Tanglewood than specific KSAOs. Staff who are knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of fields would be best to serve the company at the lower level positions.

2. Specific or General KSAOs KSAO stands for “knowledge, skill, ability, and other characteristics needed to perform the job effectively” (Heneman III, Judge, Kammeyer-Mueller 10)/5(1).

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also support the company’s Develop, Internal, and Retention strategies. Specific or General KSAOs Tanglewood should lean towards general KSAOs because it requires a focus on “flexibility and adaptability, ability to learn, written and oral communication skills, and algebra/statistics.” General KSAOs competencies such as communication skills, the ability to learn, and the ability to adapt %(4).

Tanglewood specific ksaos
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