Methods for bibliometric analysis of research renewable energy case study

It can be stated that bioimpendance and dielectric spectroscopy are being increasingly applied and that they have the capacity to deepen and enhance research investigation. The different electrical research sub-fields comprise all the types of measurements related to both bioimpedance and dielectric spectroscopy.

This reveals that there is large discrepancy between both trends which cannot be reduced easily, while both have very similar increasing patterns. The top-ranking universities have changed in the past years, but in the last ten years the universities with the most active, ongoing research and publications have been consistent.

Engineering is ranked second in both area, with Concerning dielectric spectroscopy, physics and astronomy account for approximately half of the published work in this area, that is, The current study aimed to quantitatively analyze and compare the research publications productivity of the Egyptian faculties of veterinary medicine published between and in PubMed-indexed journals.

The rate of growth can be seen in a graph using logarithmic scale. Often, this information is accompanied with the digital object identifier DOI for articles dating back to the 21st century and the international standard serial numbers ISSN where applicable.

Thus, any publication will be counted appropriately when comes to authorship and affiliations. When looking at the affiliations of the publications, it should be noted that Scopus will direct us to each of the categories we are looking for, and it automatically, takes into consideration, and calculates all the different authors publishing in a particular institution.

Further research is needed to develop practice guidelines for the appropriate application and reporting of MCDA methods. The departments The number of authors of each publication was counted contributed with different proportions in publications and the percentage of each category was calculated.

In the current study, the PubMed research output of the faculties of veterinary medicine was quantitatively analyzed. For bioimpedance, although the first publication was inthe years following this show few recorded documents on this topic.

Conclusion The review shows that MCDA has been applied to a broad range of areas in the health care, with the use of a variety of methodological approaches.

Each of the publications from Scopus follows a systematic database recording [ 48 ]. The quantitative indicator includes the research 6.

Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Animal However, to this study best knowledge, there is no Nutation, Animal Medicine, Animal Surgery, Animal international bibliometric study evaluating Veterinary Behavior, Animal Hygiene, Pharmacology, Parasitology, research outcome from either Egyptian or any other Arab Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine and scientific institution has been carried out.

An examination of the indexed scientific journals can guide in performing the analysis of research endeavors and tendencies [ 424344454647 ]. For the remaining years, the publication trend was either steady or declining.

The veterinary medicine research sciences help human health through the monitoring and E. Mansura faculty of medicine, for of academic staffs producing relatively more publications example, produced about PubMed-indexed paper than recently established faculties.

The Journal of Applied Physics Letters ranks second with documents and shows a similar incremental pattern as well. The aim of this study is twofold: In previous bibliometric studies, it Although, there was a fluctuation pattern of productivity was found that the total biomedical publication output between andmost of the faculty showed an affiliated to Egypt and indexed in PubMed was increase in the publication output in the period to papers between and Zeeneldin et al.

It is clear that this country leads the international research in this field with published documents, while United Kingdom and Spain come next with approximately less than half of this number andrespectively.

Moreover, it provides useful physiological insights on fruit ripening [ 6 ] as well as other horticultural quality parameters.

The trends that were analysed include health care by year of publication, journal source, country of publication, MCDA technique, type of intervention and application area. PubMed through their personal faculty pages and Google Scholar website. Ho, 24 surveyed the applications of the integrated AHPs through a literature review and classification of the international journal articles from to Year witnessed the maximum number of publications for both techniques with and publications for bioimpedance and dielectric terms, respectively.

To measure and analyze the scientific progress of a 3. Research in Veterinary Sciences: Permittivity measures how an electric field affects and is affected by a dielectric medium.

Methods for bibliometric analysis of research: While these reviews have significantly contributed to the MCDA literature, a systematic review is needed. Some other countries such as France 16,the Russian Federation 15,United Kingdom 15,South Korea 13, and Taiwan have made significant contributions to the field of dielectric spectroscopy as well, see Figure 3.

Year-wise contribution percentage of faculty publications.

Relative permittivity is most often used to define the dielectric properties of materials [ 12 ]. While these reviews have significantly contributed to the MCDA literature, a systematic review is needed.

The top 30 keywords used in dielectric are listed in Table 3. Scientific publication productivity of Libyan medical schools:Headings for college application essays templates College Application Essay Format. Your college essay should be a brief essay about who you are and what you intend to study at the academic institution of your choosing.

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Diversity essay caltech admissions At Caltech, we value diversity and actively support student access, equity, and inclusion. The current systematic review and bibliometric analysis of studies applying MCDA to the area of health-care spanning 33 years, evaluated a total of 66 studies. The systematic review identified a substantial number of publications, and the bibiometric evidence presented is very optimistic concerning the.

Montoya et al. [31] focused on national research status quo and trends, and analyzed the energy research output in Spain based on a bibliometric method. Chen and Ho [32] reported a bibliometric analysis of highly cited articles in biomass research.

Case studies document the energy savings achieved by large manufacturing companies using AMO's software tools, other technical publications, and best practices.

Case studies are available below for the following systems: Steam, Process Heating, Compressed Air, Motor, Pump, Fan, and Plant Wide. Overview of Evaluation Methods for R&D Programs Overview of Evaluation Methods for R&D Programs A Directory of Evaluation Methods Relevant to Technology Development Programs Prepared for U.S.

Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy March by Rosalie Ruegg, TIA Consulting, Inc. Methods for Bibliometric Analysis of Research: Renewable Energy Case Study more.

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Methods for bibliometric analysis of research renewable energy case study
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