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Not only was he a leader in public and intellectual life, he was the first and best public relations man, spin doctor, and self-help guru. The consolidation of this Americanization of benjamin franklin thesis of Franklin would await the early nineteenth century, though, when the mask he created in his posthumously published Autobiography proved to be the model the citizens of a striving young democracy needed.

He was sent to France as a diplomat to gain French support for the revolutionary forces at which he was very successful.

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin Book Summary and Study Guide

In the early eighteenth century, America was still a collection of scarcely populated colonies, its people spread out over a vast area with only a few ramshackle cities.

It wasn't untilwhen Franklin was already 68 years old, that he effectively renounced his English identity in favor of an American identity. Franklin lived this dream. At that time, he became an aristocratic gentleman, and devoted himself to serving the public good.

Franklin once wrote, in the voice of his humble character Poor Richard: In all of these roles Franklin had accomplishments that literally changed the world.

Franklin was an intensely loyal British subject who looked forward to the time when he would take an active role in Britain's imperial schemes.

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin Essay Sample

Over the course of a long, distinguished career, his work has centered on the history of the American Revolution. The idea that Franklin would Americanization of benjamin franklin thesis moving to England may seem odd to the reader brought up on the popular myth of Franklin as rebel, but for most of his life Franklin considered himself an Englishman first and foremost, and much of his political activity early on was dedicated to convincing the government back in England that the American colonists were deserving of the same rights as Englishmen back home, and convincing the more rebellious elements here that it was in their best interests to reconcile with England.

Here we see Ben as we never really have before: In fact, upon his return to America inmany thought he was a spy for the British. He arrived in France, where he was to serve as Ambassador, wearing a frontiersman's fur hat, and happily played the role expected of him.

I think you should shorten the statement considerably, because that is essentially a whole paragraph of text you've just written - and paragraphs are hardly ever made of sentences that prominent in length. The problem with this beloved notion of Franklin's quintessential Americanness, Gordon Wood shows us in this marvelous, revelatory book, is that it's simply not true.

Wood is the Alva O. Franklin was indeed a self-made man, who started out as did many of that era in an apprenticeship to a master of his trade in this case, an elder brother but his drive, independence and intelligence led him to leave that form of indentured servitude early, and seek out his own fortune.

Synopsis From the most respected chronicler of the early days of the Republic—and winner of both the Pulitzer and Bancroft prizes—comes a landmark work that rescues Benjamin Franklin from a mythology that has blinded generations of Americans to the man he really was and makes sense of aspects of his life and career that would have otherwise remained mysterious.

And it blinds us to the no less admirable or important but far more interesting man Franklin really was and leaves us powerless to make sense of the most crucial events of his life.Beginning with Franklin's childhood, Gordon Wood explains Franklin's transformation to quintessential American in The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin.

Humble Origins Ben Franklin was born in. Essays and criticism on Benjamin Franklin, including the works Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack - Magill's Survey of American Literature.

In The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, by Gordon Wood there is the devotion of the rise of tradesmen to the acquisition of the gentleman title. This is the form of enticement, which Franklin had for climbing up the ladder in the society, which had sharp hierarchal divisions.

Mar 25,  · Here's my thesis statement: One of the most well-known historical figures of American history, Benjamin Franklin, eminently contributed to world with, both, creativity and intellect, wonderfully exemplified through his various inventions, his influential and treasured writing, his political influence in the formation of the United States, his Status: Resolved.

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin generally follows a chronological format but isn't precisely a biography in the traditional sense (such as Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson).

It focuses more on the important points of Franklin's life and the many and varied accomplishments for which he is remembered. The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin is a landmark work, a magnificent fresh vision of Franklin's life and reputation, filled with profound insights into the Revolution and into the emergence of America's idea of itself.

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Americanization of benjamin franklin thesis
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